Descours 2009 was the 3rd annual exhibition of temporary public space installations by 13 internationally selected design teams. Our project, “Extra-terrestrial Carpet Obscura,” was designed in collaboration with artist Dana Carter for installation in Charles Moore’s Piazza d’Italia. The project is a modular carpet that uses solar energy and luminous refraction to construct a constellation on the ground.
We are re-purposing materials, receiving and using light as a location device, and creating a new sense of place. Three ply EPDM rubber is cut and assembled with emergency blankets in a tessellation system on the ground. Each tile is illuminated by solar powered Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) held within a capsule of aluminized polyester. The Piazza d’Italia is transformed into a liminal space – a call and response between the night sky and the urban surface.

Collaborator: Dana Carter

Press: The Architect's Newspaper